Chasing Pavements

May 28, 2012

Sundays are always family days. We drove all the way from north to south (SM Mall of Asia) to meet up with some of our relatives. I had tickets for two fashion shows scheduled that day but sadly, I wasn’t able to watch either. :(

Who wears blazers during summer? Me, haha. This blazer is not thick because the fabric is sheer that’s why it’s bearable to be worn under the scorching sun. 

(Blazer: Folded and Hung | Skirt and Bag: SM Department Store | Shoes: Janeo)

I have always said that music is my first love and that it’s a huge part of my life but I don’t think I was able to show that. From now on, I’ll try to incorporate music into my posts. The title of my posts come from songs, anyway, like this one.

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