Shedding My Skin

January 28, 2013

I’ve been sick for days already. It must be the weather. Ugh, I hate this feeling. That’s why today, I put on a simple outfit for church. I even have shades to hide my bare pale face. Haha.


(Top and Leggings: SM Department Store | Bag: YRYS | Boots: Clarks | Bangles: Sidewalk in US | Necklace: Divi)

Snakeskin leggings for the Year of the Snake. How fitting!


Full of spikes once again. They make any outfit look more bad-ass.


Envelope bag from my mom. Its color makes it stand out.


The most comfortable boots I have ever worn! I can walk 500 miles in these!

I’m trying to blog as much as I can (hopefully, twice a week), work has really changed my life. 

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