DIY: Chocolate Lollipops

Monday, February 18, 2013

What I did for my loves last Valentines Day:


Chocolate Lollipops!


They’re very easy to make, you could do them everyday! You just have to prepare the following ingredients and materials (shown above):

-Chocolate Melts


-Decorating Bags/Foil

-Lollipop Sticks

-Plastic Wrappers


I bought all these (except for the ribbons) at Michaels but I’m sure they’re readily available in any baking supplies store. 


Then, follow these easy steps (still depends on the resources):

1. Melt the hard chocolate using a microwave oven.

2. Using the decorating bag/foil, pour the melted chocolate into the mold and insert the lollipop sticks.

3. Refrigerate the chocolates for 1 hour or until they harden.

4. Place the hardened chocolates into their individual plastic wrappers then seal/decorate them with ribbons. 

5. Finally, share them with your loved ones! Spread the love! ♡

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