Beat the Heat

March 30, 2013

What time is it? Summer time! It’s our vacation! However, I’m not a student anymore so… What vacation?

Luckily, I can still manage to squeeze in some time for travel. Here are some of the photos from my latest escapade (all of which are outfit photos, by the way).

photo post1-2_zps4a7c5026.jpgphoto post2-2_zpsabd0c389.jpg

No, I’m not campaigning for a certain candidate. I just wanted to be as bright as the sunshine.

Summer = Bright-colored Everything

photo post3-2_zps2e3e5468.jpg

My favorite kind of flat shoes. They’re so comfortable (perfect for traveling) yet stylish.

(Top: Divi | Pants: Landmark | Bag: Dooney&Burke | Shoes: Cole Haan)

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