Call It Spring

May 24, 2013

When we arrived in NY last April, it was already Spring. I knew the weather was going to be cold, but I didn’t expect it to be THAT cold. To get an idea how cold THAT is, take a look at the pictures. I had to wear a leather jacket (which I really love, btw) just to be able to go out of the house and walk around the city. Sometimes, I even have 2 to 3 layers of clothes underneath the jacket. 

photo 4_zpsa89e1a37.jpg

Ahh.. There were beautiful flowers everywhere! Perfect for picture taking!

photo 2_zps00897316.jpgphoto jhjgh_zps60350a89.jpg

All in the details. This jacket gives you that “tough” look because it highlights and defines the shoulders. I got this from the boys section, which probably explains its fit. I like it that way.

photo 3_zps066c109a.jpgphoto 5_zpsd44a8289.jpg

(Inside Top: Ralph Lauren | Pants: Forever 21 | Shoes: Nine West | Bag: SM Department Store | Jacket: H&M)

photo 6_zps23172e9b.jpg

Sunflowers signify an important part of my life – my college graduation. That’s why the moment I laid eyes on these babies, I didn’t let go. 

Having said this, I’d like to congratulate the Class of 2013! Better late than never, right? Haha. Reach for the stars!

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