Skin Care: How to Get Clear and Acne-free Face

May 26, 2013

I’m no beauty expert and this is only based on personal experience and experimentation, but it really worked for me so it’s worth sharing. Still, I have to remind you that each of us have different reactions to different products. What works for me may not work for you (but I really hope this does).

Earlier this year, I’ve had a major acne breakout. It seemed like I’ve tried everything to make them stop but nothing worked! I’ve even consulted two dermatologists because my condition gets worse everyday. When I started using Tea Tree Soap and Retinoic Acid Cream, which was recommended by a dermatologist, things started to get better. My only problem was, the progress was slow and my face became really dry (it’s the effect of the retinoic acid cream). I go to work everyday so it’s really a hassle having dry, peeling skin.

From there, I researched other products that would help treat acne and Tea Tree Oil and Salicylic Acid were two of the top recommended ones. I’ve been using Pond’s Acne Expert Toner (contains Salicylic Acid) for quite some time now so I know it’s effective. The Body Shop has a Tea Tree Line so I decided to try a few of their products.


My Wonder Products (from left to right): Pond’s Acne Expert Toner, The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash and The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil

After more than a week of usage, my face really cleared up! Now, the only question left is: How to use them? Answer: Follow the steps below.


I do the optional step (2) because I want my face to be squeaky-clean before putting on some make-up. 


Apply the Toner and Tea Tree Oil with cotton balls and cotton buds respectively. Leave the Tea Tree Oil overnight so that it will be absorbed by the skin.

That’s it! I hope this will help you like it has helped me! *fingers crossed* 

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