USA 2013: Niagara Weekend

June 18, 2013

photo DSC_2282_zps66f6329b.jpg
The Niagara Falls State Park was a breath of fresh air from the concrete jungle – literally and figuratively. It’s also in New York, but it gives you a different feel compared to the city. (Still speaking of breath) The view of the majestic falls up close was totally breathtaking. We rode the Maid of the Mist (a boat) which tours you around the two falls – Horseshoe Falls (Canada Side) and American Falls (American Side).
photo DSC_2249_zpse0cde921.jpgphoto DSC_2115_zpsa5906b31.jpgphoto DSC_2142_zps0b30b246.jpg

Look at that mist.
photo DSC_2146_zpscc3042ca.jpg

The Rainbow Bridge to Canada. Too bad we don’t have Canadian Visa.

photo DSC_2157_zpsa7cedead.jpg

Canada from afar.

photo DSC_2163_zps7112b4ae.jpg

The port of Maid of the Mist in Canada.

photo DSC_2172_zpse7f917f8.jpgphoto DSC_2176_zps027b46c0.jpg

Since it was a weekend, it’s imperative that we go to church. In Niagara, it’s not hard to find one. We went to the Our Lady of Fatima Shrine.

photo DSC_2298_zpsc07ab781.jpgphoto DSC_2330_zps73543826.jpg

It’s not so obvious in this picture but the outline of the heart-shaped fountain forms a rosary. The crucifix is found at the end, beyond the trees.

photo DSC_2333_zps91088440.jpgphoto DSC_2350_zps2dbc0d6e.jpg 
Last but not the least, my #selfie. ;)

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