USA 2013: California Dreaming

July 18, 2013

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“I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan. Welcome to the land of fame excess, am I gonna fit in?”

The song just kept on repeating in my head!

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There’s a Philippine flag in front of our hotel, which is within walking distance from LAX.

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We only allotted 2 days to see the West, since it was only a last-minute addition to the original plan. We all had something we needed to get back to here in the Philippines that’s why we weren’t able to stay longer.

Given that we only had limited time, there’s no better and faster way to tour Los Angeles than with a tour bus. We picked LA City Tours to tour us around the city for 5 hours. With the rate and services offered, I’d give them a 7/10.

I think most of the photos were taken while we were inside the bus (which was not open as seen in the photo above) so expect some reflections, blurriness and gloominess. Haha!

photo DSC_3131_zps55a76503.jpg

We passed by what used to be Lindsay Lohan’s place.

photo DSC_3120_zpsf880fe9e.jpg

Venice Canals
photo DSC_3136_zps4b30bef9.jpgphoto beach2_zpsd28625f4.jpgphoto DSC_3158_zps998250e7.jpgphoto DSC_3187_zps895aaf13.jpgphoto DSC_3218_zps405d0b6d.jpgphoto DSC_3225_zps86188ec4.jpgphoto DSC_3266_zpsa67255df.jpgphoto DSC_3273_zpsab733936.jpg

Our first stop was the Venice Beach. There are a lot of things you could do and buy there. 

photo DSC_3365_zps9eeee987.jpgphoto pueblo_zps031595d7.jpgphoto DSC_3377_zps48a50a30.jpgphoto DSC_3420_zps2ced6b9e.jpg

Next stop was El Pueblo de Los Angeles, which was the birthplace of LA. To me, this place was recognizable because of the Spanish appearance of the place. There were churches everywhere, very much like here in the Philippines.

photo around_zpse0cd159c.jpg

On the way (top-bottom; left-right): Walt Disney Concert Hall, Staples Center and a building near the World Trade Center

photo DSC_3468_zps0110c3b9.jpg

I’m in Hollywood! Or was!

photo DSC_3702_zps833ed10e.jpgphoto DSC_3464_zpsabf30e13.jpgphoto DSC_3478_zps033cb077.jpgphoto stars_zpsa5a26e3f.jpg

Hollywood Walk of Fame: Stars with THE Star (..of this blog)

photo DSC_3488_zpse19d013c.jpgphoto DSC_3492_zpsffe5caca.jpgphoto DSC_3906_zpsd53764c1.jpgphoto DSC_3504_zps6976de7c.jpgphoto DSC_3868_zps6c079129.jpgphoto DSC_3509_zps187ab44b.jpgphoto DSC_3510_zps21ca53d1.jpgphoto DSC_3522_zps622174a6.jpgphoto people_zpsf2511bbc.jpg

Some interesting characters I saw while walking along Hollywood Blvd.

photo DSC_3547_zps92ed5575.jpg

The view of the city.

photo DSC_3618_zpsa3d9d6a1.jpgphoto beverlyhills_zps26432f68.jpg

Beverly Hills: Home of the Rich and Famous

Look at the witch’s house (bottom-left) and Simon Cowell’s house (bottom-right).

photo DSC_3640_zpsfbb61567.jpgphoto DSC_3638_zps446b7374.jpgphoto Brands_zpse0c686ea.jpgphoto DSC_3653_zps90f1aa67.jpgphoto DSC_3661_zps9a157402.jpgphoto DSC_3683_zps2bcee0e5.jpgphoto DSC_3687_zps32fde020.jpgphoto DSC_3679_zps6462c3a6.jpg

Rodeo Drive was our last stop. I’m sure this place feels like heaven for shoppers (..with lots of moola).

photo DSC_3810_zpsbbd1662c.jpg

On our second day in LA, we decided to try the famous In-n-Out Burger. We are big fans of Shake Shack in NYC and it is said that In-n-Out is its counterpart in the West, so we went and compared the two. Our verdict: Shake Shack wins!

photo DSC_3828_zpsbfc3fcde.jpg

So close yet unreachable. Okay, what am I saying? 

photo DSC_3913_zpsc39a9676.jpgphoto DSC_3922_zpsae47f993.jpgphoto DSC_3923_zps8b70e427.jpgphoto DSC_3964_zpsb5a49ece.jpg

Later that day, our relatives took us to a reservoir which has a great view of the Hollywood Sign. 

photo hollywood_zps10bec3b6.jpg

Happy me with the sign. #selfie #lolwhut

photo DSC_3959_zps3b7dea7e.jpg

Now, I’m ending this post with a beautiful view of the Hollywood Hills.

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