Subic Day Trip

May 01, 2014

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This was a side trip from our Pampanga (Hot Air Balloon Festival) trip. Since it’s only more or less 2 hours away from Lubao, we decided to make the most out of our occasional (or more likely rare) escapades. We only had 9 hours to enjoy Subic and we had not planned anything but to spend the late afternoon by the beach. We arrived by 9 AM and the first thing we did was find a place to eat and to plan. We chose to do all these at Hotshots.

photo 21_zps00af0099.jpgphoto a1_zpsc8fd2cbe.jpg

I love their caramelized onions burger!

We considered going to Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure but since we only had little time to spare, we found it best to go to Tree Top Adventure instead. There are many “adventures” to choose from but we only chose Superman and Tree Drop.

photo output_Agui7p_zps750be743.gif

Example of Tree drop

photo a3_zps9c9ab7af.jpg
photo a2_zpse6d78de1.jpg

Example of Superman

photo a5_zps3bd6c8ce.jpgphoto a7_zps2dae1d55.jpgphoto a6_zpsc3e46d0b.jpgphoto a19_zps26aa2c98.jpg

For lunch, we just bought pizza from S&R, chips and drinks from Puregold and ate inside the car. After eating, we went for an afternoon swim at the Ocean View Beach Resort. I think the entrance fee is P150/person. Just so you know, there are a lot of other beach resorts to choose from (with varying rates, of course).

photo a8_zps8618bb2a.jpgphoto a18_zps361c68a9.jpgphoto a9_zps1251f429.jpgphoto a10_zps0c52ffe2.jpgphoto a11_zps3cbebefe.jpgphoto a12_zps5b3a897d.jpgphoto a17_zpsc8ef8a3d.jpgphoto a20_zps1364e05c.jpgphoto a14_zpsa9047a12.jpgphoto a15_zps2722e681.jpgphoto a16_zpsd797d8ea.jpg

We did all that we could – swim, play volleyball, take pictures, sight-see, lay on the beach and wait for the sunset – and had so much fun that when it was time to go home, I felt somewhat sad. Haha! 

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