Food Trip: Street Food in UP

May 26, 2014

After n years, I finally had the chance to go on a food trip in the streets of UPD. Here are some of my favorites and where to find them:

{Around the Sunken Garden}

photo 1_zps48312d3b.jpg

1. “Dirty” Ice Cream (Don’t worry, it’s not really dirty.

{Across the University Arcade and the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice – Mang Larry’s}

photo 2_zps29b66117.jpgphoto 3_zpsdc4ac630.jpgphoto 4_zpse1c21d69.jpg

2. Isaw (Pig/Chicken Intestines)

3. Fish, Chicken and Squid Balls

{Area 2 – Iskorambol and Iskomai}

photo 5_zpsfcc2db50.jpg photo 6_zps639143c3.jpg

4. Iskorambol (Ice Scramble)

5. Iskomai (Japanese Siomai)

{Across the College of Architecture Building}

photo 7_zps1bcdcd89.jpgphoto 8_zps672a5762.jpg

6. Siomai with Quail Eggs

7. PanTea (Pandan Tea)

{Along AS-CAL}

photo 9_zpscda7f68a.jpgphoto 10_zpsdae5258a.jpg

8. Jelly Milk (in different flavors)

9. Pancit Canton

{University Shopping Center}

photo 11_zps15cd90ff.jpgphoto 13_zps1c5feaca.jpgphoto 14_zps78f56545.jpgphoto 15_zpsb50fd89c.jpgphoto 16_zpsaee94745.jpg

10. Dynamite

11. Balut

12. Banana Cue, Carioca and Turon

13. Sweet Corn

14. FIC Ice Cream

To make things easier, here is the map of UPD:

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