Vigan 2014: Places to See for Free

May 15, 2014

photo p1_zps8e0cb8f7.jpgVigan Heritage Village: A Preserved Spanish Colonial Town

photo p2_zpsb84f995f.jpgphoto p3_zpsad33de27.jpg

There is a Dancing Fountain and Laser Lights Show at the plaza every 7PM. The green outlined person is actually Psy, dancing to his hit song Gangnam Style. 

photo p7_zpsefe4f8e8.jpgphoto p4_zpseaec1fd9.jpg
photo p5_zpsd473aae6.jpg

Ahh.. My favorite – horse-drawn carriages (kalesa).

photo p6_zps48d7c59d.jpg

photo p9_zpsf04e05bf.jpg photo p13_zpsaa6ba3f8.jpg photo p12_zps57e2a795.jpg photo p10_zpsd219bc82.jpg photo p11_zps6290ea41.jpg photo p14_zps41d6a2fa.jpg photo p15_zps4051029b.jpg photo p16_zpsfdbd5b3b.jpg photo p17_zpsabaa9212.jpg photo p18_zps18854557.jpg

I paid ₱10 to have my picture taken inside the kalesa.

Baluarte: Mini Zoo

photo p19_zps68c57e6f.jpgphoto p20_zps782a6647.jpgphoto p21_zpsdff6f133.jpgphoto p22_zpsd7a7c68d.jpg

You may interact with most of the animals there. Unfortunately, we were not able to explore everything due to the lack of time. 

Hidden Garden

photo p23_zps04af68c2.jpgphoto p24_zps6fdb5171.jpgphoto p25_zps449d984b.jpgphoto p26_zpsd5d849db.jpgphoto p27_zps208ba0f1.jpgphoto p28_zpse20fd4de.jpgphoto p29_zpsa7595147.jpgphoto p30_zps53099d21.jpgphoto p31_zpscc38598e.jpgphoto p32_zps85e13bcf.jpg

This place is relatively new. It’s clean, green and serene – a perfect getaway from the city.

photo p8_zps5f98e806.jpg

Remember, these places don’t require entrance fees. Explore Vigan now!

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