Summertime Madness

June 04, 2014

(Plaid Top: Uniqlo | Skater Skirt: Robinsons NovaMarket | Heels: Nine West | Satchel Bag: Oxygen | Chain Necklace: M&MAccessories | Sunglasses: Ray-ban | Watch: Casio)

The heat is driving me insane! Thank God, it’ll be over soon. Although, rainy days can be more hassle for someone who walks/commutes – like me. Haha!

I never thought I’d use a transparent bag because they’re too.. well, transparent. I just don’t like the idea that everyone could see what’s inside my bag. It’s also some kind of precaution since as I mentioned earlier, I walk/commute. But satchels are really my weakness. Plus, this one isn’t entirely transparent; the front side is mostly covered.

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