Food Trip: Manila Chinatown

January 18, 2015

Binondo, Manila’s Chinatown district is the oldest Chinatown in the world. Right in its heart is Ongpin Street – the home to numerous Chinese establishments. While there were plenty of other things to do (like shopping for jewelries, unusual medicines, and other more affordable goods), our visit was centered in eating authentic (and some exotic) Chinese food. Here are the 6 restaurants/stores we have tried:

1. Ongpin MaƱosa Restaurant Co.

photo 2_zps61b69836.jpgphoto 1_zps398ced52.jpg

Known for: Pancit and Noodle Soup

Tried their highly recommended Pancit Chami but was disappointed at how ordinary it tasted. Maybe, it’s also because I’m not very fond of pancit. 

2. Shanghai Fried Siopao

photo 3_zpsac3dea6c.jpgphoto 4_zps0b96cac4.jpg

Known for: (Obviously) Fried Siopao

Tasted good but I still prefer the steamed ones.

3. Estero

photo 6_zpsa8fcb52d.jpg photo 7_zps191f128f.jpgphoto 8_zps7055c80f.jpg

Known for: Fried Frog Legs and Oyster Cake

I loved both! The buttered fried frog legs tasted like buttered chicken and the bones were crunchy, they’re edible. Aside from oyster, the oyster cake also contained vegetables, which made me love it more.

4. Wai Ying Fast Food 

photo 13_zpsb122906a.jpgphoto 10_zpsda859640.jpgphoto 12_zps051efc8e.jpgphoto 11_zpsc802c610.jpg

Known for: Peking Duck Rice Toppings and Hakaw (Shrimp) Wanton Mami

Everything we ordered tasted delicious: Peking duck rice toppings, hakaw dumplings and almond jelly. Out of the three, hakaw is my absolute favorite! I will surely visit this fast food again!

5. Eng Bee Tin

photo 16_zpscdb25fda.jpgphoto 19_zps472302ce.jpg

Known for: Hopia and Tikoy

Their new custard hopia is a must-try!

6. Cafe Mezzanine

photo 17_zpsd5b0a3db.jpgphoto 18_zpsda262179.jpgphoto 23_zps5410d045.jpgphoto 21_zps7bc3fd6b.jpgphoto 22_zps59a579a4.jpgphoto 20_zps873ce485.jpg

Known for: Soup No. 5 (Cow’s Balls), Xiao Long Bao (Steamed Soup Dumplings), Kiampong Rice and Milk Tea

Out of all the restaurants we went to, Cafe Mezzanine offered the best ambiance. We tried their soup no. 5, xiao long bao and milk tea (regular and green). The meat in soup no. 5 was tender, but the soup itself was a bit salty. Conversely, I liked the soup in xiao long bao. The clear winner here was the milk tea.

For your reference and guidance, here is a map of Manila Chinatown:

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