Taiwan 2015: Zhongli District, Taoyuan

February 17, 2015

Welcome to my neighborhood for the next five months! My stay in Taiwan is mainly for academic purposes, but I will make sure I get to travel around from time to time. After all, it’s not every day that I get to fly to another country. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect in Zhongli – except for the cold weather. I skipped the research part because I was with other people anyway (so dependent–need to change that). Luckily, everything we need is literally just around the corner.  When I say everything, I mean food stalls/restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, salons, clothing stores, and general merchandise stores. 
photo 9_zps63ac9b90.jpgphoto 8_zps233d31ed.jpgphoto 55_zpse0ccf1b0.jpgphoto 59_zps83fee937.jpgphoto 58_zps10841050.jpgphoto 56_zpse81074f0.jpg

photo 57_zpsd2e2d8e4.jpg

Around the campus. It has that UP vibe to it – so green. 
photo 51_zpsb9e29a9f.jpg

Our street, which is lined with apartments. 
photo 49_zps616860a9.jpgphoto 18_zps2eaae132.jpg

Notice the difference between daytime and nighttime – stores usually open at night til early morning and stalls form on sidewalks for the night market.
photo 10_zpsd987903d.jpg

There is a milk tea place on every corner and sometimes, beside each other.
photo 11_zpsd3e7fe38.jpgphoto 12_zps3da94be8.jpgphoto 42_zps6830f9b5.jpgphoto 40_zps529de2b2.jpgphoto 39_zpsb438a627.jpg

photo 43_zps1d8612f6.jpgphoto 2_zpsa6fe322a.jpgphoto 3_zpsc70cb066.jpgphoto 63v2_zpsa91acdea.jpgphoto 47_zpse94fcdb0.jpgphoto 19_zps06f4fcd4.jpgphoto 27_zps04f7a840.jpgphoto 33_zps7b31072b.jpgphoto 34_zpsdf2e3752.jpgphoto 26_zpsd75c1698.jpg

A variety of street food. The vendors prepare your food in front of you, like the xiao long bao and Chinese burrito.
photo 21_zpscacf7e40.jpgphoto d24_zps6f4c1d0b.jpg

Fried stinky tofu.
photo 22_zps05470946.jpgphoto 25_zpsf9f65a58.jpg

Stinky tofu soup. You must try both, but I prefer this one.
photo 37_zps40bb74de.jpgphoto 29_zpsea77d54a.jpg

photo 64_zpseb94c86a.jpgphoto 66_zps20918c98.jpg

Bread and pastries. Look, free taste! Haha! I usually go around and taste everything first; then, I’ll buy a few. 
photo 41_zps4961736a.jpgphoto 32_zpsbc7456b6.jpgphoto 4_zpsbc899ed8.jpg

Clothing stores for everyone, everywhere. There are so many nice clothes at affordable prices.
photo 17v2_zps0d69ae5f.jpgphoto 45_zpsdecc001d.jpg

Tip: Every receipt in Taiwan is a lotto entry. Don’t throw them. Notice the eight digit combination – that’s your (hopefully) lucky number. 
photo 61_zpsc078f41a.jpg

If you’re bored from eating and shopping, you can always watch a movie.. (look at those painted posters)
photo 30_zpsb0452ef4.jpg

.. or try to win a stuffed toy (couple sweater alert!)
photo 44_zps74dac6dc.jpg

.. or tag along with your friends and play board games
photo 7_zpsf684433b.jpg

.. or go to church and pray. Although, the church is one 10-minute bus ride away, along with the malls and train station.
photo 5_zpsa8bef057.jpgphoto 50_zps7f1b2d1b.jpgphoto 48_zps2d7af0e1.jpgphoto 23_zps6baf4430.jpgphoto 16_zps9706a4c8.jpgphoto 62_zps8cd99384.jpgphoto 15_zpsffbfd4cb.jpgphoto 14v2_zps76e230dc.jpgphoto 20_zps42aee7f1.jpg

Ahhh!!! Cutie-pie animals everywhere! I can’t help but gush about dogs. Haha!
photo 6_zpsaa1fe401.jpgphoto 53_zps472a068a.jpgphoto 38_zps4f0c4f48.jpg

Modes of transportation – taxi, bus, private car/motorcycle. It’s easy to move in and out of Zhongli, just make sure to take note of the schedule of the bus stop. 
photo 60_zps12dd56b1.jpg

Til next travel post!

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