March 11, 2015

(Sweater, Polo, Ripped Jeggings, and Cat Bag: Local stores inTaiwan | Cat Ear Bonnet: Zara | Cut-out Boots: H&M | Necklace:Terranova)

I am peeling off the coat/jacket layer in my outfits… for now. I am still getting the hang of layering clothing– hopefully,practice makes perfect. Although there are guaranteed formulas (which I have been using for the past few) in doing so, I am trying to find new ideas such that even though I am using the same items or combinations, it doesn’t look like a repeated outfit. That is a really big challenge for me, given my limited resources. Once in a while, I buy new stuff. The temptation in this place is hard to resist! Haha! I was walking down the street one night when I saw this cat bucket bag. It was so cute, I knew I had to buy it. It goes well with my cat ear bonnet,don’t you think?

P.S. I got the title of this post from the TV series,The Big Bang Theory.

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