Taiwan 2015: Tainan Day 1

March 21, 2015

Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan. If you want to know more about the history and culture of Taiwan, it is the place to be. We stayed there for two days, including the day of the Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year). There were fireworks booming here and there, but not much of a celebration as the Solar New Year.

 photo 1_zpsx2imkhgo.jpg

Our first destination was the Ten Drum Cultural Village, a former sugar refinery which was turned into a drum-themed art village. We watched performances by different percussion groups from different countries.

 photo 23_zpsmi7zhavb.jpg
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 photo 6v3_zpsxlererwn.jpg

A Japanese percussion group.

 photo 8v2_zpsyrwjit9e.jpg
 photo 9v2_zpsrvffopdl.jpg
 photo 7_zpsvduukusg.jpg

May all wishes come true!

 photo 10v2_zpsr6twexwo.jpg
 photo 11_zpskapg22fi.jpg
 photo 12_zpsu1hohaep.jpg

Remains of the sugar refinery.

 photo 13_zpsqpbehdwj.jpg
 photo 14_zps0rruezqy.jpg
 photo 15_zps4v2bwpih.jpg
 photo 16_zpswia6cvvd.jpg
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 photo 19_zpskxjqxk94.jpg

Some of the activities you can enjoy at Ten Drum.

 photo 20_zpsj77vordz.jpg
 photo 21v2_zpswofhzgas.jpg
 photo 24v2_zps8yvfq5di.jpg

Drum posing at the Drum Museum.

 photo 18v3_zpsmrftzyp2.jpg
 photo 25_zpse8lq9vap.jpg

Happy Chinese New Year!

 photo 26v2_zpsda31rhl2.jpg

Outside, we saw performers practicing while waiting for their turn.

 photo 27v2_zpstfxlmaso.jpg

Food stalls. Food everywhere.

 photo 28_zpsceodsxnb.jpg

Red Bean ice cream!

 photo 29v2_zpsabs653qh.jpg

Left: Street fashion; Right: Solar-powered bus stop sign

Our next destination was the famous Anping Tree House. I thought it was a house on top of a tree but it turned out to be a tree that has grown all over a house.

 photo 31_zpsyx9jtfzo.jpg
 photo 32_zps0rk1cu5e.jpg
 photo 33_zpsm2eggpre.jpg
 photo 34_zpsvcgr9vcn.jpg
 photo 35_zps8r46vxhu.jpg

70-year-old banyan tree occupying the house.

 photo 30_zps3d4oumt9.jpg
 photo 36_zpscssbec0o.jpg

Of course, dogs.

 photo 37v2_zpsub2cjjy3.jpg

Passed by a street magician.

 photo 38_zpsytbjfdrn.jpg
 photo 39_zpsymcjmxcg.jpg
 photo 42v3_zpsjx2mzdgd.jpg
 photo 41_zpsbmi3uaab.jpg
 photo 40v3_zpsum6dk3mi.jpg

We spent the rest of the afternoon at a boardwalk/bike path near the tree house. Then, we headed for the biggest night market in Tainan - Flower Night Market - to eat.

 photo 45_zpsjzfucz8y.jpg

Since it was the day of the Chinese New Year, the place was jam-packed!

 photo 44_zpsfdhclmfv.jpg
 photo 46v2_zpsbczou8oe.jpg
 photo 47_zpsl7qnzasx.jpg
 photo 48v2_zpsuwqjtwu6.jpg
 photo 49_zpsurmnqd8e.jpg

I was so close to buying that Sully onesie. I love Monsters, Inc.!

Stay tuned for my post on Day 2!

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