Taiwan 2015: Tainan Day 2

March 27, 2015

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We spent our second day in Tainan the same way we did our first – visiting historical sites. We were able to visit four sites that day, thanks to the tourist buses number 88 and 99. But first, we needed to fuel up. We have been going around Taiwan eating food we do not know, yet we have been rarely disappointed.

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Our first stop was the Confucius Temple. The East Ta Cheng Arch is its main entrance.

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Wen Chang Pagoda. Notice that each floor has a different structure – (in ascending order) rectangular, circular and octagonal.

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From the inside, you can see the view of the shrines.

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Ta Cheng Gate.

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The Ta Cheng Palace is where the Confucius Ceremony is held every September 28, the birthday of Confucius. Surrounding it are shrines, exhibit of ritual artifacts and book storerooms.

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Inside the palace.

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I asked for some guidance on my thesis. Exactly what I need right now.

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Right across the Confucius Temple, there is a street full of food, clothing, accessories, and general merchandise stores and stalls. I was able buy a leather belt for NT$200.

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A few blocks away from the Confucius Temple is the Great South Gate. As the name implies, it’s a part of Tainan’s old defences.

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Buses have usb outlets for charging phones and other gadgets.

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Our next stop was the Eternal Golden Castle. You might ask, “Where is the Golden Castle?” I honestly don’t know. All I know is that it was built to defend Taiwan against the Japanese invasion.

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The bus was full. Lucky Teddy!

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Robot man.

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Nom nom nom. I scream!!!

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Passed by Anping Old Fort. This observation tower is a city icon.

We are down to the last one – Chihkan Tower (Fort Provintia).

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The Chihkan Tower was built during the Dutch occupation of Taiwan. It served as their administration center. It was originally named Provintia, which means eternity in Dutch. Upon its recovery and restoration, the Chinese called it Chihkan Tower. I guess nothing really lasts forever, huh? Haha JK!

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Nine statues of turtles, each carrying a stone plate on its back.

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That’s it! Hopefully, I can post the photos from our Taipei trip by next week. Please stay tuned!

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