Taiwan 2015: Longshan Temple, Taipei 101 and Bubble Ball

April 08, 2015

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As promised, here is the continuation of my Taipei post.

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Taipei has a great subway system. I truly wish we had the same system in the Philippines.

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The Longshan Temple is the most famous temple in Taipei. It is easily accessible since there is an MRT station nearby named after it.

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We witnessed people worshipping Buddha and other divine spirits.

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One should never miss visiting Taipei 101 when in Taiwan. As we all know, it is the 101-story skyscraper located in Taipei. It is also one of the tallest buildings in the world.

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There is a LOVE structure in front of Taipei 101, just like the one in Manhattan. We were there during Valentine’s Day. What a great coincidence.

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We waited until it was dark outside before we went up to the observatory. We wanted to see the city lights. Although, the daytime view seems pretty awesome too.

During our second visit to Taipei, we played Bubble Ball. It is like playing soccer but inside a bubble.

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Believe me, it is harder than it looks. The bubble is quite heavy. Nonetheless, we had fun playing it with our labmates.

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Part 3 of Taipei adventures is on its way. Please stay tuned!

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