Taiwan 2015: Taipei Zoo

April 02, 2015

photo 7v3_zpslyzpseqg.jpg

This post was long overdue! My friends and I went to Taipei Zoo, Longshan Temple and Taipei 101 last February 14. It was one of the best Valentine’s Day of my life. Traveling and animals are two of the things I love most!

Due to the large number of photos, I divided our first day in Taipei into two posts. I’ll start with our short trip to the Taipei Zoo.

photo 8v2_zpsd6njsmgd.jpgphoto 9_zpsqamwhyqh.jpgphoto 10_zpswdwouwja.jpgphoto 11v2_zpsho7tgqe5.jpg
photo 12v2_zpstvn5b6iq.jpgphoto 13_zpsfz7i56x0.jpgphoto 14_zpscjecxkx4.jpgphoto 15_zpsiixi8sea.jpgphoto 16v2_zpsgi61lo9e.jpgphoto 17_zpspgprfgof.jpgphoto 18_zpsvikox9mu.jpgphoto 19_zpsdcswrjbl.jpgphoto 20_zpsj4xtnfzp.jpgphoto 21_zpsfte0ao4o.jpgphoto 22v2_zpszaxcij4n.jpgphoto 23_zps21n78ycb.jpgphoto 24_zpshyovcibl.jpgphoto 25_zps6eslxdyr.jpgphoto 26_zpstj5nx9oe.jpgphoto 27_zpscj38qljq.jpgphoto 28_zpswpxoldup.jpgphoto 29_zpsedrz8ive.jpgphoto 30_zpsmwbwiuw6.jpgphoto 31_zpsxzv35ixr.jpgphoto 32_zpsylgbvkoj.jpgphoto 33_zps0kzj84vr.jpgphoto 34v2_zpszc1zvmmh.jpgphoto 35_zpsh0t38xiw.jpgphoto 36_zps8pyjhjvm.jpgphoto 37v2_zpsva800nqt.jpgphoto 38_zps0kodqetl.jpg

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