Taiwan 2015: Releasing Sky Lanterns at Shifen and Food Tripping atJiufen

July 25, 2015

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On one of our last weekends in Taiwan, my friends and I traveled north to Shifen and Jiufen in New Taipei City. Shifen is known for its Waterfall – the broadest waterfall in Taiwan as per Wikipedia – and Old Street – the home of sky lanterns. Not far from it is Jiufen Old Street, where one can go food tripping while enjoying a scenic view.

How to Get to Shifen Old Street and Shifen Waterfall:
Board a TR Train to Ruifang Station > Board a TR Train to Shifen Station > Shifen Old Street is just beside the train station > Shifen Waterfall is a 30-min walk from the station, just follow the signs (taxi and motorcycles are also available)

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Right across the platform of Shifen Station is Shifen Old Street
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Believe me, you’ll need food before going to the waterfall – it’s a long walk. Good thing, food is relatively cheap there – all these for NT$400.
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Follow the signs to Shifen Waterfall. We have been told that this was not its best view. Since it’s summer, it lacks volume of water.
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Buy refreshments to beat the heat.
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Before heading to Jiufen Old Street, we returned to Shifen Old Street to release our own lantern. You can choose the color/s of the lantern, as each color represents something (e.g. health, career, family, etc.). Pay NT$150 for a single color or NT$200 for a combination of 4 colors. Here is a video of us releasing our sky lantern.
photo 15_zpscwxcfdku.jpgphoto 16_zps1nhbfum6.jpg
Couple #selfie while waiting for the train

How to Get to Jiufen Old Street from Shifen:
Board a TR Train back to Ruifang Station > Exit Ruifang Station and find the bus station in front of the police station/next to the Wellcome Supermarket > Take the Keelung bus no. 1062 > Alight at Jiufen and walk uphill until you reach a 7-11 store, which is beside Jiufen Old Street
photo 21_zpsxgtvgueg.jpgphoto 33_zpsfo57izuv.jpg
Jiufen Old Street consists of a series of restaurants and shops.
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Variants of taro balls, which can be served hot or cold, are sold for NT$50 each
photo 18_zpsatkibvmw.jpg
Taro Balls with Red Bean
photo 22_zpslcfm3mfg.jpg
Peanut Ice Cream Rolls at NT$40 per piece
photo 25v2_zpsz9otftl7.jpg
Fish Balls at NT$70 for a stick
photo 27_zpsckap2ora.jpg
King Mushrooms at NT$100 for a pack
photo 32_zpsacbhqgsy.jpg
Snails at NT$100 for a pack
photo 24_zpsd4cbpaag.jpgphoto 26_zpstx9c95gm.jpgphoto 31_zpsrts4nnc0.jpg
Other things that you would see in Jiufen Old Street
photo 23_zpstvt0ec48.jpg
It was nearly sunset when we arrived.
photo 28v2_zpsw2elwsvu.jpgphoto 30_zpsc7u9iggq.jpg
We climbed to the top to see this view.
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When the sun finally set, we went home.. with full hearts and happy stomachs.

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