Food Trip: Cafes in Bangkok

September 09, 2015

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When in Bangkok, go cafe hopping. Hmm, that doesn’t sound right. Most people would say, visit temples and shrines or shop at night markets and malls. Although we also did those, we added “visit cafes” to our checklist. Why not? We are all food lovers and caffeine dependent after all, haha.

We wanted to visit and enjoy as many cafes as possible in one day. Lucky for us, Ekamai, which is just a few stations away from where we stayed, has some of the best cafes and restaurants in Bangkok. We traveled around by riding a motorcycle taxi (habal-habal) and were able to visit 3 cafes. As expected, the food was scrumptious and the drinks were nothing like I had ever tasted before. But what stood out to me was the delightful ambiance the cafes offered – the pretty interior and exterior decor, the relaxing music, the well-lit surroundings and the warm treatment from the staff. Great places to relax and hang out with friends.

1. Vanilla Garden
Address: 53 Ekamai 12, Sukhumvit 63
Meal Price Range: 300-500 THB

photo 1_zpsh5ywhzsh.jpgphoto 2_zps4xedkl8u.jpgphoto 3_zps5czct2ck.jpgphoto 4_zpszg5wquhk.jpg
This compound, which is surrounded by a beautiful garden, consists of 3 sections– cafe, bakery and library. photo 6v3_zpskt9qmfnm.jpgphoto 5_zpsujisxfgc.jpgphoto 7v2_zpsc5neqtl8.jpgphoto 8v2_zpst7g5tfav.jpgphoto 10v3_zps9og0bdlu.jpg
A Japanese-style cafe. The bookshelves are packed with Japanese comic 9_zps8nrohpxd.jpgToffee Caramel Latte (left) and Mont Blanc Milk Tea (right) photo 11_zpsp5tapzel.jpgStrawberry Nutella Crepe

2. Nikko Cafe
Address: 30/18 Soi Charoen Chai, Ekamai 12, Sukhumvit 63
Meal Price Range: 400-600 THB
photo 17_zpsaegsnxba.jpgphoto 16_zpsle05jl9j.jpgphoto 13_zpsuclghbwo.jpgAnother Japanese cafephoto 14_zpsthcipmzs.jpgLight and bright! There’s an open space upstairs for 12_zpsjdqawr6p.jpgRustic Porkchop, Smoked Salmon Zabb Salad and Mori Fruit Sodasphoto 15_zpsn779bzje.jpgGet 10% off when you post a pic on Instagram with the hashtag #nikkocafe.

3. 24 Owls by Sometime’s
Address: 39/9 Soi Charoen Chai, Ekamai 12, Sukhumvit 63 (across Nikko Cafe)
Meal Price Range: 400-600 THB
photo 18v4_zpsyz9j8m16.jpgThis one’s London-inspired. Can you spot the guy waving hello?photo 19v2_zpsxe2i3rpz.jpgThey offer Western food like English breakfast, fish and chips, pasta and 20_zpstml62zlp.jpgphoto 21_zpslux5uu26.jpgphoto 22_zps9unv3mlr.jpgI love the outdoors – it’s a wonderful place for photos!photo 23_zpsre3apfz3.jpgWe were still full from our previous meals that we only ordered iced coffee and milk tea.

To cap the day off, we went to a Thai massage and spa to pamper ourselves. It was the perfect bonding day.

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