Pinto Art Museum

April 11, 2016

I always enjoy visiting museums. I have so much appreciation and admiration for this kind of art form, all the more so because I don’t have the talent for it. Due to the hype, I’d been curious as to what I could see in Pinto Art Museum. After months and months of planning with different groups of people, I was finally able to visit the museum with my family. If you’re into contemporary art, it is the place to be. I have to say, the whole area is beautiful—lots of green spaces, wide-open spaces and lines. It can be rented for photo shoots and events; if you’re interested, visit their Facebook page. During our visit, a wedding reception was taking place.

Regular - PhP 180
Senior - PhP 150
Student with ID - PhP 100
3 yrs. old below - Free

Map: (from the FB page)
No.1 Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights Subdivision, Antipolo City Rizal

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  1. This looks incredible!! I would love to go visit one day. I love art museums of all types!

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  2. Should go museums in Bay area. I love to visit them.