South Korea 2016: Beautiful Seoul

May 16, 2017

Two days—that's all the time we had to explore Seoul. We rented a room in Hongdae, which reminded me so much of Taoyuan (Taiwan). It comes to life at night. It is known for its hip cafes, indie vibes, urban street arts, and underground musiciansTrue enough, we've experienced all of these during our first night there.

For the rest of our visit, we did all the touristy things! We managed to fit Gyeongbokgung Palace, Myeong-dong and N Seoul Tower in our itinerary. 


It's hard to choose from the seemingly endless lines of restaurants, clubs and bars in Hongdae. I wish we had more time to try most of them. There are also clothing stores on every corner. Window shopping was enjoyable because Korean outfits are so cute!

Hongdae (or Hongkik University Street) definitely has a youthful feel. After all, it is near Hongkik University, after which it was named.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace (Northern Palace) is the most famous palace in South Korea. Make sure you join the guided tours to learn more about Korea's history and culture. To gain further insight into the culture, you may explore the palace wearing a Hanbok, which is a traditional Korean clothing. Rental stores are available nearby. 

Admission Fees: 
Korean Citizens
Adults (ages 25-64): 3,000 won / Groups (10 people or more): 2,400 won
International Visitors
Adults (ages 19-64): 3,000 won / Groups (10 people or more): 2,400 won
Children (ages 7-18): 1,500 won / Groups (10 people or more): 1,200 won


Ahhh, Korean beauty products everywhere! Prior to our arrival, I already convinced myself not to purchase anything. But how can I resist Korean beauty products at discounted prices? Other than beauty shops, there are also fashion stores, restaurants and cafes and street food stalls.

N Seoul Tower

The N Seoul Tower is a famous romantic date place. I didn't have a romantic date but I was with friends; we all enjoyed just the same. The view of the city lights was breathtaking. 

Admission Fees (Observatory):
Adult (over 13 years old): 10,000 won
Children (ages 3-12) and elderly (over 65): 8,000 won

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  1. Amazing pictures, it looks an amazing place, I'd like to visit it. I also like your blog and I'll be happy if we start following each other!

    1. Hi Giulia! Seoul is definitely a beautiful place. Thank you for stopping by! Sure, let's follow each other!

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  3. What a fabulous post! Would love to visit Seoul one day-looks like an amazing place! xx

    1. It is!! Thank you for visiting my blog! :)

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