Yosemite in Winter

January 06, 2018

About a year ago, I stayed in California for almost four months to train and do research work. During weekends or university holidays, my friends and I would explore places nearby. This made me realize the importance and benefits of taking breaks from a grueling work routine. I felt more motivated and energized to do my tasks afterwards. The mini-vacations we had also helped me deal with homesickness. Traveling is truly good for the mind, body and soul. 

Having lived all my life in a tropical country, I've always dreamed of experiencing what snow is like. While other people wanted to become a Victoria's Secret Angel, I, on the other hand, wanted to make a snow angel, haha. My first snow experience was at the Yosemite National Park. The place is MAGICAL! If you're a MacBook user, you might be familiar with Yosemite and El Capitan as they became default wallpapers for certain Mac OS X versions. The footage of my reaction to snow is shown below. Dreams do come true, haha.
We went to Yosemite by bus from Merced. Upon reaching the Visitor Center, my camera slipped from my hand and dropped to the ground which broke the connector on my lens. Good thing the iPhone camera is reliable and I can still manually connect my lens to the camera body to take shots. 

A day is not enough to explore the whole park. It's huge! Sadly, we were not able to reach El Capitan. But that's one good reason to go back, right?

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