Italy 2017: Amalfi Coast

September 16, 2018

Amalfi is a town located in the province of Salerno known for its lemon cultivation and paper (bambagina) production. During the summer, it is a bustling resort town with crowded beaches and lively nightlife. Visiting the Amalfi Coast in winter may not seem like the best idea for everyone but it's still worth a shot. The activities and businesses are limited as the tourist season ends around the first weekend of November, but at least the place is less crowded and quieter. 

Having no definite plan for that day, we just wandered around looking for things we could do. Our feet led us to the Cathedral of St. Andrew which was impossible to miss, the Museum of Paper where we made handmade paper, an open restaurant (many were closed) where we ate seafood pizza/pasta and drank coffee/wine (same price or cheaper than water), and the breathtaking view after climbing several flights of stairs, only to find out that there was an elevator. 

Transportation Guide: How to get to the Amalfi Coast

Old paper mill which was converted into a museum
Inside the Cathedral of St. Andrew 
Stunning views of the coast
Christmas is all around

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