Italy 2017: Pompeii

September 13, 2018

I remember watching Pompeii (mainly because of Kit Harrington) and learning about its history, but it didn't occur to me that one day I would see it-at least its ruins-in person. Fortunately, the conference that we attended was held in Naples and Pompeii was just a 40-minute train ride away. As we approached the remains of this ancient Roman city, I could hear the song "Pompeii" playing in my head over and over again. In my excitement, I sang it out loud at one point. 

Pompeii was destroyed and preserved under a carpet of volcanic ash and rock when Mount Vesuvius erupted in the summer of A.D 79. It was lost for centuries until its ruins were found by an architect in the 16th century. The excavations, however, started only in 1748. Now, this archaeological site is a tourist destination where visitors can explore the amphitheater, villas, temples, art, artifacts and frozen bodies of the ancient world.

Mount Vesuvius seen at a distance

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