What I Love About Ho Chi Minh City

March 28, 2020

For our HCMC trip, we booked two guided tours with Klook: (1) City and Cu Chi Tunnels tour, and (2) Excursion to Mekong Delta. It actually felt great not having to worry about planning where to go and how to get there. For our last day, we just went cafe hopping. This travel was very chill and I loved it.

Tours on Klook
Day one highlights
Day two highlights

I love these tours. But what else do I love about Ho Chi Minh City?

Affordable and Healthy Food

Vegetables are a staple in every meal. Some dishes seem like they consist of 60% greens. They also offer many seafood varieties, which is what I always order. And did I mention that food is cheap in Vietnam? For me, that's the best part. More to try!

During the night, we would just walk along Bui Vien Street to pick a restaurant we would eat at. 

Good Coffee and Pretty Cafes

Every coffee-lover I know raves about Vietnamese coffee. Their coffee is too strong for me, tho, because I am not a regular drinker. Also, I prefer tea. 

I mentioned earlier that for our last day, we went cafe hopping. You might think that we went from place to place to do that, but we didn't. The Cafe Apartment is a nine-story building with different cafes, restaurants and stores. There is even a bookstore at the ground floor. You can seriously spend the whole day there. Every shop has a different vibe; there's something for everyone.

Bargain Finds

I don't think I'll let myself leave HCMC without checking out the bazaars and malls. Two of the most popular shopping places there are Saigon Square and Ben Thanh Market. But in my experience, the former is better in terms of prices. I was able to find a big round rattan bag for only $15. I had to haggle, but that was the lowest price I got from all the stores I went to. My top is also from the same mall. 

The name of the pink church in the photo is Tan Dinh.

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