Singapore Lookbook + Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Experience

April 03, 2020

For Halloween 2018, my friends and I went to SG to give ourselves a good scare. I'm not a fan of anything horror related, except for a few exemptions such as Netflix's sci-fi horror show, Stranger Things. That year, Universal Studios Singapore collaborated with Netflix to set up a Stranger Things haunted house. The setting, the props, the costumes were spot on; I enjoyed it even though I screamed throughout the whole thing. There were four other haunted houses. By the end of the penultimate house, I was already exhausted that I decided not to enter the last one.

Outfit Details:
Outfit #1– Blouse and tube top: Forever 21; Skirt: Surplus; Sandals: Parisian; Bag: Coach
Outfit #2– Top: H&M (I also have in black); Pants: Calliope (My favorite); Bag: Shopanagon on IG; Boots: H&M

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